Code Club

Coding. It seems to be growing more popular, with more and more establishments stressing the importance of kids (and adults!) learning the skill. But what is it? What does it do?

Coding is essentially the language of computers. Like any language, there can be lots of variations but the idea is that, by learning how to speak this language (or, this case, type in the right words and numbers), you can control what a computer does. That’s it. It sounds scarier than it is, right? But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve been hosting free ‘Code Clubs’ for kids aged between 9-13 years old so that they can learn more about coding and start to give it a go.

So, what is it all about? We don’t believe in long boring lectures or making people sit in silence, instead the kids who come to our Code Clubs have had the chance to try to make games, create music and more. We want to get their imaginations going and make coding fun!

People seem to like it. We seem to be pretty good at it too, earning ‘Star Club’ status and a little trophy that we now have proudly on display. (Seriously ask us about it, we’re super proud!). We’re always thinking up new challenges and ask our young coders what they want to try- helping to put them in the driving seat and keep them excited whilst learning a valuable skill.

Our Star Club certificate and trophy

Our Star Club certificate and trophy


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