Ben McManus

CEO and Creative director

Ben McManus is Company Director and Spokesman. Ben founded Wavemaker back in 2015 with the vision of creating a safe and open space for young people to learn more about technology and STEAM subjects. When he’s not at Wavemaker or out promoting the work we do, he can be found with his band ‘Hey Pixies’ or spending time with his family.


Alex Rowley

COO and Technical Director

Alex is our Chief Operations Officer and Technical Director. Having been at Wavemaker since the beginning, he has helped it to grow and become the organisation it is today. Alex specialises in creating interactive and engaging workshops for learners and arranging opportunities for skills-building for people in Stoke-on-Trent and beyond. With a strong background in information technology, he is passionate to ensure everyone has the best opportunities when it comes to tech.

When not at Wavemaker, Alex can be found riding his bike, pottering in the garden, or making something in his workshop.



Mary Fletcher

Marketing and communications assistant

Mary is Wavemaker’s Marketing and Comms Assistant. She looks after the company’s communications and helps to promote what Wavemaker does to learners and other organisations that support Wavemaker’s mission. When not at Wavemaker, Mary can be found reading and writing.


Chris Davis

Digital skills trainer

Chris is our Digital Skills Trainer. Having spent years working on technology at Staffordshire University, Chris has a lot of experience working with a wide range of people and helps deliver our workshops all across the region. When not at Wavemaker, Chris can be found enjoying Star Wars or drinking coffee.


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