We enable those furthest from the digital world to be empowered by it.

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...so what does that mean?

Wavemaker is a digital and STEAM-engagement specialist that strongly believes that people of all ages should have access to engaging workshops and technology, regardless of their background, education, ability or experience.

From children to the older members of our society, Wavemaker offers a service that allows people to grow in confidence in all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths), whether that’s through our popular workshops delivered in schools, or our close work with residential homes to improve the digital confidence of those unfamiliar with how they can benefit from their everyday technology.


Empowering people in the digital age, to enrich and improve lives.

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Introducing Little Waves and Big Waves

Wavemaker offers a unique opportunity for students between the ages 8 to 16, to explore STEAM subjects in a fun and engaging way. Our different workshops cover a wide range of areas, building upon theory already established in lessons to aid and grow children’s understanding.

Our workshops explore topics such as coding, 3D printing, digital design, circuits and more, and encourage students to be creative and apply logic to solve a variety of puzzles or challenges. They are open to students of all abilities, and welcome teachers and group leaders to get involved too.

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Digital confidence and competence for all. This is DigitAll.

DigitAll is a carefully crafted programme for organisations who cater to clients over the age of 16, who may not have had the opportunities to become digitally confident or explore the potential of technology. No matter the age range of your clients, whether 18 or 80, our trained staff advise, guide and teach learners towards a greater digital competency.

Whether up-skilling for improved job opportunities, guiding patients on how they can use technology to manage their health, or simply lessening isolation through social media, instant messaging and video-calling tutorials- our DigitAll programme has something to offer your customers.

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Interested in what we do?

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