PM Training Design Workshop

On 5th February, PM Training’s office works group came to join us at headquarters to learn more about illustrator and how to use it, as well as design their very own key-rings.

After introductions and taking some time to discuss our ever-popular 3D printer, the group began to complete the steps to create their own design. The students settled on a wide range of ideas, from giraffes and penguins to mandalas, with some learners even wanting to try and draw their own design and make something really unique!

While some of students weren’t too sure at first, they slowly began to grow in confidence and began to get used to the different functions of the programme. As the day went on, many got really into it, wanting their designs to look perfect and carefully choosing what colour they wanted their key-rings to be before using the laser-cutter to bring their designs to life.

Digi-Works (PM Group 05%2F02%2F18)-3 (1).jpg

By the time the end of the session was rolling in, the key-rings were coming out really well, with some of the students eager to make another. Apart from having something to take away with them, and bragging rights over what they’d made, thanks to the workshop, they have a much better grasp on what illustrator is and how it works- something that gives them a good foundation for future digital skills.

For more information on our digital engagement workshops and what we can offer your learners or group, make sure to get in touch.