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Our STEAM engagement workshops have been created with the national curriculum in mind, to support student learning and to build upon the theory taught in classrooms. The sessions allow students of all learning types, to get the most of the experience and to help reinforce those ideas about the world around them into visible and everyday examples. Our activities can also help teachers transition a student from one Key Stage to another, by discussing workshop observations and encouraging students to use what they know to solve problems and overcome challenges, and to think about what they can do to produce even better results.

How is it delivered?

We are flexible and always keen to adapt our sessions to fit into your needs.  Depending on your requirements we can be booked for full or half days, to fit around school day structures and to help make timetabling easier.  

To get you thinking, here are the most popular methods of delivery we do:

  • Carousel-style workshop, where learners get a taster of 4 different activities over the course of 2 hours.

  • Drop-in session: this is where we setup a ‘shop front’ allowing students and learners to drop by for an informal chat and to try out and taste the different activities on offer.

  • A dedicated two hour session on a particular topic.

Our carousel-like rotation between areas, allows students to experience a wide range of activities which focus on different areas of STEAM. The reason this system works so well is it allows students to sample different areas of science or technology in short bursts, which helps to keep them engaged and adds an additional layer of competition to workshops- something that we know helps students to stay motivated. Furthermore, with each workshop being around half-an-hour, students can see what activities are next, keeping them excited and thinking about the challenges ahead.


‘It’s been so easy from my point of view. Just seeing the students so engaged at this time in the morning when normally we’re trying to wake them up…brilliant!’

Marie Cunningham, The Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent

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Our purpose is to engage with those furthest from technology so that they can become more empowered with it. That’s why our programme, DigitAll, works together with community groups, residential homes and other organisations who support people over the age of 16.

DigitAll offers advice and support to those who wish to become more digitally confident, whether they’re complete beginners who need some encouragement or just need a little bit of a refresher. We work closely with groups and assess their needs, allowing us to cover a wide range of skills including:

  • Basic computer usage

  • Basic tablet and mobile usage

  • Troubleshooting

  • Skype and other video-calling software and apps

  • Photos, including printing, saving and sending

  • Email and other social media

Every session is held in a casual and light-hearted environment to ensure that learners feel as comfortable as possible and aren’t afraid or embarrassed to ask questions such as ‘what is a tablet?’ or ‘how do I use my phone?’. We ask attendees what areas they want to learn about and offer ‘tech training’ that is easy to follow and allows learners to get involved.

Our team will work closely with your organisation, to work out the optimum times for your clients as well as set out an easy and accessible learning and support schedule.

Our team are experienced in offering assistance and encouragement to even the most unsure of older learners.

To find out more about this programme and how you can get involved, contact us.

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‘I [was] able to see customers learning how to print photos, create an email account and try out VR. Great to see how the sessions run by Wavemaker and funded by Realise Aspire are improving digital skills.’

Patricia Roberts, Aspire Housing

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