Stoke CEP's Conference and Tea Party

This year, Wavemaker took part in Stoke CEP’s Conference and Tea Party, held at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery.

Stoke CEP (officially known as Stoke Cultural Educational Partnership) aims to connect teachers with arts organisations to encourage culture and creativity within learning. They believe in creating opportunities across Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire so people can participate, achieve and succeed in high quality arts and cultural education and for this education to become a normal expectation for children and young people.

During the CEP Conference and Tea Party, we joined 37 other stalls and had the chance to have real conversations with teachers and education professionals, as well as discuss our ‘Little Waves and Big Waves’ curriculum, and the real difference our programme makes to student’s thinking, learning and aspirations. Not only did we have the opportunity to discuss and share what we do, but we were also able to see what other opportunities and organisations Stoke-on-Trent has to offer. There are so many great things happening to improve and enrich young people’s lives.

Ben leaflets CEP.jpg

The CEP has been successful recently in securing funding for an initiative which will see local artists join forces with schools to tackle truancy by encouraging all pupils to become more invested in lessons and take up more creative pursuits, (More information on that, here) and we’re proud to have worked closely with the organisation since its inception, in different projects such as the City of Culture bid last year.

We look forward to working more closely with education practitioners as well as continuing to support Stoke CEP and its mission.