STEAM Learning: Summer with Shift

As any parent knows, the Summer Holidays can be a challenge when it comes to keeping kids entertained. With this in mind, Wavemaker joined forced with Shift (to go out across Crewe to give kids (and adults!) the chance to try some fun technology, find out more about its potential, and take part in challenges.

We travelled all across the city from the YMCA to the Derby Docks, hitching up in our ‘mobile space’ to give young people the chance to play with mini-robots and circuits to explore the potential of technology and enjoy some digital challenges. We were lucky to engage with 215 kids and young people from across Crewe and Staffordshire and met some very enthusiastic future coders and engineers!

SHIFT Summer Delivery

We hope to be able to work alongside Shift again in the future, as well as continue to host workshops to people in Crewe, Cheshire, and maybe even beyond!

To find out more information about the kinds of workshops we have on offer, visit our Products page.