Sentinel Business Awards 2017/18

The Sentinel Business Awards are a yearly competition which invites local businesses from around Staffordshire to enter numerous categories, such as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ to ‘Business in the Community’ with the hopes of being recognised across the region.

After another year of working hard and engaging with people across Stoke-on-Trent and beyond, we decided to apply for the ‘Science and Technology Award’- an award for those who can show that ‘innovative use of science and technology is helping to improve or grow their business, increase profits, create jobs or benefit the community or environment’. Having never applied before, we were rather nervous. We didn’t know what to expect but hoped that our work in the area and our application would fully express our enthusiasm in enriching people’s lives in the community and teaching people key skills to benefit their future.

Imagine our surprise when we were shortlisted!

We were thrilled to learn that the judges understood what we were trying to achieve, and were equally as passionate about our values as we were. As part of the final round, a couple of Award representatives came to visit us at headquarters to get a better understanding of what we’d achieved and the technology that we used in sessions across the area.

Ben and Alex went to the awards evening on behalf of the team. Dressed to impress, they got the opportunity to speak to business representatives from across the region who were invested in making their mark in the area.

Finally, after hearing the winners of the other categories, and what Ben tells us was a rather excellent apple tart, it was time for the Science and Technology Award winner to be announced. Fingers crossed, they waited as the announcer built up the suspense before finally announcing…

Someone else had won.


Obviously, we were disappointed but had to extend our congratulations to the worthy winners, Assured Systems. Despite not getting the award, we still take great pride in being runners up and recognised for what we’ve achieved.

Sentinel Business 2017 Certificate

Winners or not, we’ll continue to work hard to create opportunities for people within Stoke-on-Trent and beyond, to inspire digital confidence and make sure that there we supply tech for good, for all.

… besides, there’s always next year!

Mary Fletcher