BSW19: A Week of STEAM Workshops!

This week was British Science Week and it gave us the perfect excuse to get out some of our favourite STEAM workshops and engage with young learners across the city!

On Tuesday, we were at Discovery Academy, showing students how they can use digital technology to create and record music sequences using the nifty Garageband app. Each group had great fun creating their tracks and working together to add elements to their overall piece. Garageband not only allows students to get an idea of how modern music production works, but to also see how individual and combined creativity can lead to the creation of unique styles of music.

On Thursday, we kicked it up a gear, offering a range of activities and STEAM-based fun to just over 200 students from numerous schools across the city!

During the day at Kings Hall, Stoke, we offered workshops on construction, circuits, lego, zoetropes, hovercrafts, 3D printing, and coding all whilst incorporating key scientific elements and referring back to theory that learners would recognise and feel comfortable discussing.

The day was a huge success! Here are just some of the things students (and teachers!) have said about Thursday.

‘The robots were interesting because we could program the robots to take part in

robot wars’

‘It was so cool to see my drawings move, I’d love to do this as a job’

‘The children were so engaged, engrossed and excited by all the amazing STEAM workshops that Wavemaker had provided.’


So, what was the point of this week? Why were we so passionate about getting out and helping kids to realise that science is pretty amazing, especially during British Science Week?

We wanted to show that science is something that be taught and experienced outside of a classroom. Through these workshops, we can show just how many areas have flourished and grown thanks to science and show real-world examples where it has an influence. By running these workshops and getting kids to think about all that science can offer, and perhaps even consider studying it in the future, we are making them aware of all the possibilities that science holds- both for us as individuals and out in the wider world.

Overall, we’ve had an amazing week and are looking forward to our next set of workshops. To find out more about these sessions, visit our products page.

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