Wavemaker believes in ‘tech for good, for all’. Far more than a snappy slogan, it’s the mentality behind every decision we, as an organisation, make. As part of our commitment to this, we began our DigitAll programme- a programme which believes in encouraging people over the age of 16 and of varying ability, to get involved with tech and to learn more about how it can be used to benefit their day to day lives and overall welfare.

DigitALL gives community groups the chance to tell us what they want to learn about and what will help them. It can be anything, from setting up email addresses and learning how to connect with their friends and families, to learning how to 3D design a house or other digital skills that can help make individuals more appealing to future employers. Our team is working on helping people to be digitally enabled, helping them to grow in confidence and start them on their own digital journey.

Technology can seem daunting, especially with how quickly it is growing, but with the right support and encouragement it doesn’t have to be. We plan to expand on what kind of advice and sessions we can give, focussing on specific areas of interest, such as photography, and working to grow participants digital confidence for the evolving technological future. After all, technology is there to benefit all of us, not just the few.

Mary FletcherDigitALL