Just So Festival

Wavemaker was proud (and incredibly excited!) to be invited to take part in 2018’s Just So Festival.

Our Chief Executive, Ben, went to last year‘s festival with his kids and wouldn’t stop raving about it. So, when we got approached by Wild Rumpus- the great people behind the festival- and were offered the opportunity to deliver a workshop, we jumped at the chance!

For those of you who don’t know, the Just So Festival is a wonderful three-day festival for children and families set in the beautiful grounds of Rode Hall Estate in Cheshire (more info here). It’s a whirlwind of magic, folk and circus-themes with a whole lot of fun and eccentricities.

‘But, how does tech fit into this?’ I hear you cry. Well, as you know, we love a challenge, and so we decided to create ‘woodland whistles’- kits which allowed kids to create their own musical instrument to take home with them. These special kits were designed and laser-cut at our head office, after extensive testing and some terrible tunes before being deemed ready for the festival.

We didn’t realise how popular they would be!

Just So Festival 2.jpg

Over 100 keen woodland whistlers, and their families, came by to make their own whistle- so many, in fact, that we host two sessions and split the group!

We were in the perfect setting too! The forgotten courtyard was ideal for our Woodland Whistle workshop where young people got the opportunity to build their own kits, customise them, and then take part in our ‘Woodland Whistle Orchestra’.

(At this point, we must apologise to any parents or campers on that Sunday evening who had to sit through numerous toots and high F-sharp pitched whistles for the rest of the weekend! All in the name of fun.)

Since the festival, we’ve been asked if we can make these kits available for people to buy and this is something that we’re looking into, so just watch this space. Toot toot!