Trinity Skills For Life

A few months ago, we got a surprise email from Trinity Skills For Life. Trinity Skills For Life is a learner-based hub that supports people with learning disabilities to make informed choices about their own learning and future development. The organisation provides essential services for those who want to learn new skills.

They asked us whether their IT group could come and visit our headquarters to have a look at some of the equipment we have on offer as they were interested in technology and its capabilities. Eager to welcome such an enthusiastic group, we invited them into our space and spent an hour with them, showcasing our 3D printer and laser cutter as well as speaking with the group about what they had been working on at Trinity Skills, and what their interests were.

Trinity Skills.jpg

After Ben got into a discussion with one of the group about DJing and everyone had been able to have a closer look at illustrator and our equipment, sadly, it was time to go.

We enjoyed having the chance to meet the group, as well as the Trinity Skills staff. We hope that they continue to experiment and progress within their group, and look forward to seeing what they get up to in the future.

Mary FletcherDigitAll, community