Meet our Governance


Jonathan Westlake


Jonathan is a senior lecturer in the Computing and Digital Technologies School at Staffordshire University looking after a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  With a seasoned background in industry he encourages the use of digital technology via his role as a STEM ambassador and the activities of the British Computer Society.


John Holmes


John has over 20 years of experience in managing cultural businesses including theatres, festivals, museums, music education and tourism marketing services. In addition to this, his experience as an Associate and then Chief Executive with marketing agencies provided him with valuable skills in strategic marketing and organisational development.

John led the project team that delivered the Factory programme of Creative Industries business support for North Staffordshire, a £500,000 programme funded by ERDF.

John is passionate about supporting the local creative community, and helping people develop the creative and digital skills they need for work and business..


Melanie Westlake


Melanie is a Catchment Officer for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and is actively involved with community engagement within Staffordshire.  Having worked in the conservation charity sector for 6 years she is passionate about engaging with people from all backgrounds.


Gareth Hancox


Gareth is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Gareth has a proven track record of engineering design and manufacturing with over thirty years experience in the diverse sectors of electrical power protection, rechargeable battery and charger design and additive manufacturing machines (3D printing in metal).

Gareth is passionate about engineering and is a STEM Ambassador.


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