Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I come and visit Wavemaker?

A. Of course! Our headquarters are right in the heart of the city centre and easy to reach via public transport or car. We’re often out and about though, so make sure to contact us well in advance to make sure that we’re in and that a member of the team is here to greet you. You can learn more about where we’re based on our Contact Us page.


Q. What times are you open?

A. We’re open between 10:00am and 4:30pm,Monday to Friday. However, we get involved with a lot of different events around the area so our headquarters can sometimes be closed. Make sure to keep an eye on our website and social media pages to find out what we’re getting up to.


Q. Do you have any workshops?

A. We provide a range of workshops throughout the year for organisations and businesses. From time to time we may be commissioned to provide workshops in a particular area. In this case, make sure to keep up to date with our website and social media pages to see what we have available! If you or your group need to book your own workshop then please get in touch to discuss options and pricing.


Q. Will you make my design?

A. Unfortunately, due to our other commitments, we are unable to produce designs.


Q. Can I use your equipment?

A. We work closely with community groups, education establishments and arts groups. If you are a member of such a group, or are working on their behalf, get in touch. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our equipment as a service to individual makers, but please do message and say hello! We love hearing from all kinds of makers and, if you’re interested in inspiring future generations and spreading the making-message, you could end up being a STEAM Ambassador!